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Long ago when I was a young one, about 16 or so, I got to visit a private showroom.  I will not name this company as I still do respect them.  I was in absolute amazement; speakers taller than me... this was awesome. After a while I got tired of their "recommended listening" and wanted to listen to the music I enjoyed.  At this time in my life that included The Chemical Brothers.  I will never forget the salesman freaking out, "Careful, careful, careful!!!! That type of music is not good for speakers; it can easily damage them."  I wanted to laugh at this guy, but at the same time I wasn't done playing.  So I behaved myself and went back to "non-damaging" music. 

I found it absurd that I couldn't listen to any form of music I wanted on their speakers.  I think this honestly was my turning point where I said "Screw you guys; I'll build mine own!"  And you know what; I have yet to be able to "damage" my speakers with a little Chemical Brothers or with anything for that matter.  I believe a speaker should be able to handle what ever you dish out at it!

5/1/2013 - Client Design Complete! - ELEMENT1213 Series
2/20/2012 - Daughter is born!!!
5/31/2011 - Cadenza is DONE! And now available!  Check out pics.
3/22/2011 - Cadenza is moving forward!  ION DIY soon!
1/11/2011 - New Design Cadenza!  ION  now available!
12/16/2010 - Ion is complete!  More clients and new custom speaker project.  Many many updates....
2/13/2010 - Completed client project.  Work on Ion begins.
1/06/2010 - Two new designs are up and clients section updated.  Busy busy busy month.....
9/01/2009 - Design section added. Please keep checking back as it develops.
6/26/2009 - Web site launch.  Please keep checking back as the site is still under construction.
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