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Adam McCall -
1.618 - 3way Tower
- 1x HiVi F8 8" Kevlar Woofer
- 2x HiVi F5 5" Kevlar Midrange
- 1x HiVi SD1.1A 1" Textile Dome Tweeter
    ***Limited Availability - Substitute Q1R
- Completely Shielded
- 2nd Order X-over at 500Hz & 4000Hz
- 4ohm Nominal Impedance
- 200 Watts RMS
- Freq Response 35Hz-20kHz
- 49.5" x 12" x 18"
- 160lbs each
- Solid MDF Construction w/ Red Oak Trim
- Black Oil Based Epoxy Finish
Design Notes:
     My goal was to design a speaker that sounds and performs beautifully across the whole bandwidth.  With crystal clear highs, open and warm midrange, and deep and accurate bass.  Nothing sticking out, making one think, “Ouch… those highs are harsh!”  Clear and accurate response was key.  Other than that, I was bored and really wanted to see what I could pull off.
     In conclusion I have to say I was shocked!  I’ve had them hooked up for nearly 3 years now and they still make me giggle.  They sound so clear and clean.  The bass response, to put it lightly, is insane!  Friends and family don’t believe me when I tell them that the sub is turned off (this was before I built the 1.618sw).

Additional Notes:

     Please visit to view this design in more detail.  All the details are available for free to build your own pair. If complete drawings are needed; they are for sale.  If completely built crossovers are needed; I can build you a pair. 

    Please note that the SD1.1A has been discontinued by HiVi and is in limited supply.  Please use the Q1R as a substitute.  I have gotten reports that the Q1R actually performs better than the SD1.1A.  Cleaner and smoother.

Items/Services For Sale:
- Drawings $25
- Crossovers $380/pair (2-3 weeks lead time; includes shipping)
Photo Gallery
Listening room measured response (14' x 16' room)                                    1.618 CAD Rendering