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Adam McCall -
I offer a large variety of services which are listed below.  Please email me for further information, pricing and quotes.

Custom Built Speakers - For those who need something to brag about to their friends.  I will design and build a completely custom system to suit.  Or build from an existing design (pending part availability).  If local, I would prefer to travel to your home and discuss the project.  My intent is to build a system to suit your needs.  Every home is different and thus so are the acoustics.  What may work well for one home; won't work for another.

Custom Speaker Designs - For the DIY enthusiast who doesn't know where to begin.  I will design a complete system and provide complete specs with a set of CAD drawings.  A rough 3D rendering can be provided without a commitment.  Pricing starts at $150.

Custom Built X-overs - For the DIY enthusiast who is intimidated by electronics.  Give me your specs and I will design and build a x-over set for your project to suit.  Pricing starts at $80/pr (this does not include materials).

Custom Designed X-overs - For the DIY enthusiast who again may be intimated by electronics.  Give me you specs and I'll generate a x-over design to suit.  I model using manufactures response data, unless provided with otherwise.  Pricing is firm at $25 for 2-way Design, $35 for 3-way, and $50 for 4-way. Pricing subject to increase based on complexity of design and requirements.

Box Volume Specs and Response Data - Don't know how big to make your box, how long to make that port, want a second opinion or just curious to have an idea of what type of response you'll get?  Not a problem, I can take your drivers and plug them into modeling software to retrieve needed box volume, tuning freq, port size, response data, etc.  Pricing is firm at $10/per driver.

Custom Built Cables - Don't waste your money on those way over priced Monster Cables and please don't use that old lamp power cord as speaker cable.  I can hand build you cables to suit your needs to nearly any length you need.  Speaker cables, RCA, Phono, Video and Power Cables.  I do not have the capability for any form of digital cabling, sorry.  Pricing as low as $2/ft; email for quote.

Custom Car Audio - Want a system that sounds good?  Want a system where your trunk doesn't rattle, but still make your ears bleed?  Or just need some help with some ideas, box design, etc.?  Email me to discuss.

Consulting - Just needing an extra set of ears and a brain on your project.  Please feel free to email.  Pricing starts at $0, but is based on level of consultation required.