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Adam McCall -
1.618c - 2way Center Channel
- 4x HiVi F5 5" Kevlar Mid/Bass
- 2x HiVi SD1.1A 1" Textile Dome Tweeter
****Limited Availability - Substitute Q1R
- Completely Shielded
- 2nd/3rd Order X-over at 4000Hz
- 4ohm Nominal Impedance
- 170 Watts RMS
- Freq Response 60Hz-20kHz
- 43" x 7" x 14"
- 100lbs each
- Solid MDF Construction w/ Red Oak Trim
- Black Oil Based Epoxy Finish
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Design Notes:
    This center channel was created to match and aid the 1.618 3-way towers during surround sound reproduction.  Its main focus was to match the upper chamber of the 1.618 towers.  However a ported enclosure was chosen to aid in the extension of the response.  The same xover point was used as were with the 1.618ís.   On a side note, it was specially constructed to fit perfectly in my TV stand.  For smaller spaces the 1.618s can be used.
     In conclusion; Perfect!  My home theater front is now seamless.  The center matches very well with the towers.  Dialogue is very clear and has an excellent warmth quality to it. 

Additional Notes:

     Please visit to view this design in more detail.  All the details are available for free to build your own pair. If complete drawings are needed; they are for sale.  If completely built crossovers are needed; I can build them. 

    Please note that the SD1.1A has been discontinued by HiVi and is in limited supply.  Please use the Q1R as a substitute.  I have gotten reports that the Q1R actually performs better than the SD1.1A.  Cleaner and smoother.

Items/Services For Sale:
- Drawings $25
- Crossover $120  (2 weeks lead time; includes shipping)
Listening room measured response (14' x 16' room; 10 degrees off axis)    1.618c CAD Rendering