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Adam McCall -
1.618s - 2way Surround
- 2x HiVi F5 5" Kevlar Mid/Bass
- 1x HiVi SD1.1A 1" Textile Dome Tweeter
****Limited Availability - Substitute Q1R
- Completely Shielded
- 2nd/3rd Order X-over at 4000Hz
- 4ohm Nominal Impedance
- 85 Watts RMS
- Freq Response 55Hz-20kHz
- 22.5" x 8.875" x 14" (Speaker)
- 19" x 9" x 15" (Stand)
- 42.5" +/- x 9" x 15" (Overall)
- 60lbs each (speaker); 90lbs w/ Stand
- Solid MDF Construction w/ Red Oak Trim
- Black Oil Based Epoxy Finish
Design Notes:
     This rear channel was created to match and aid the 1.618 3-way towers during surround sound reproduction.  Its main focus was to match the upper chamber of the 1.618 towers.  However a ported enclosure was chosen to aid in the extension of the response.  The same xover point was used as were with the 1.618ís.   On a side note this design may also be used as a center channel or even a front channel.  Five of these paired with the 1.618sw would complete a fantastic home theater system.

     I have no conclusion at this point.  I have yet to have the opportunity to build these; I have all the parts though.  But due to the demand for this type of speaker there are a few folks out there that have the plans and are currently building them. There are two people that I am aware of who have completed them and have reported excellent results.

Additional Notes:

     Since I have not personally completed this design it will not be found on  Please contact me directly for details and design plans if interested.  I am offering, at no charge, what you'd find on diyaudioprojects.  If complete drawings are desired, the standard charge applies. 

    Please note that the SD1.1A has been discontinued by HiVi and is in limited supply.  Please use the Q1R as a substitute.  I have gotten reports that the Q1R actually performs better than the SD1.1A.  Cleaner and smoother.

Items/Services For Sale:
- Drawings $25
- Crossovers $220/pair  (2-3weeks lead time; includes shipping)
1.618s CAD Rendering