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Adam McCall -
1.618sw - Powered Subwoofer
- 1x HiVi SP10 10" High Excursion Subwoofer
- 500W @ 4ohm O-Audio BASH Amp
- Freq Response 25Hz - chosen Xover point
- 4th Order X-over point from 40Hz to 120Hz
- On Board Phase Control, Parametric Eq,
  & Subsonic Filter
- 21" x 12.75" x 20"
- 120lbs each
- Solid MDF Construction w/ Red Oak Trim
- Black Oil Based Epoxy Finish
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Design Notes:
     This subwoofer was created to match and aid the 1.618 3-way towers.  Its main focus was to reproduce ultra low frequencies that the 1.618 could not reproduce and aid in overall low end reproducing.  Low, flat and not “boomy” was priority one.

     In conclusion; INSANITY!   I can not begin to express how important it is to stuff this thing to the HILL with poly fill and for the love of god keep it turned down really low when you first start out.  I nearly shat myself when I first turned it on, I wasn’t prepared.  This is a VERY powerful sub, and being involved for years with car audio, I mean that.  The gain is about ¼ of the way and I love it!  Smooth, tight, accurate and excellent at reproducing lows.  It tries to move across the floor when turned up half way, and be sure to use spikes.  Once I got it tuned they way I like it, it definitely adds to the 1.618’s well.

Additional Notes:

     Please visit to view this design in more detail.  All the details are available for free to build your own pair. If complete drawings are needed; they are for sale.

Items/Services For Sale:
- Drawings $25

Listening room measured response (14' x 16' room)                                    1.618sw CAD Rendering