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Adam McCall -
- 1x Morel HU9.1 Woofer
- 1x Eton 4-300/25 Hex  Midrange
- 1x Morel DMS 30-S Dome Tweeter
- 3rd/4th Order X-over at 200Hz & 4000Hz
- Bi-amped
- External Crossover
- 4ohm Impedance
- 400 Watts RMS
- Freq Response ??Hz-20kHz
- ??" x ??" x ??"
- ???lbs each
- Solid MDF Construction
- Black Oil Based Epoxy Finish
Andromeda - 3way Tower
Design Notes:
     Hi-end 3way Reference Tower.  I came across the Morel woofer and Eton mid on eBay, and this is the result.  Final design specs are still not final.  The woofer chamber may not get the octagon styling due to the complexity of actual construction. 

Additional Notes:


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