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Adam McCall -
Auslander - 2way Reference Tower
- 1x HiVi F8 8" Kevlar Woofer
- 1x HiVi RT2H-A Isodynamic Planar Tweeter
- Completely Shielded
- 3rd Order External X-over at 1500Hz
- 8ohm Flat Impedance
- 90 Watts RMS
- Freq Response 30Hz-20kHz
- 47" x 12" x 19"
- 170lbs each
- Solid MDF Construction
- 1.5" Wall Thickness w/ 2.25" Front Baffle
- Crimson Red Painted Finish
Design Notes:
The Auslander was designed to be a 2-way Reference tower without destroying your budget.  Goals were simple; super flat response, super flat impedance and broad ranged.  This system is ideal for use with a tube amp and can be easily configured to be bi-amped.

Additional Notes:
      Please email me for additional information.

Items/Services For Sale:
- Auslander Speaker Pair $1850 (6-8 week lead time; does not include freight and crating)
- Complete design package w/ Drawings, BOM, X-over Schematics  $50
- Crossovers $540  (2-3weeks lead time; includes shipping)
                                Auslander CAD Rendering