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Adam McCall -
Cadenza - 2way Bookshelf Monitor
- 1x Usher 8836AC 7" Kevlar Woofer
- 1x Seas 27TDC 27mm Soft Dome Tweeter
- Shielded
- 3rd Order X-over at 1500Hz
- 6ohm Impedance
- 135 Watts RMS
- Freq Response 50Hz-20kHz
- 18" x 8.5" x 14"
- 40lbs each
- Solid MDF Construction
- 1" Wall Thickness w/ 1.5" Front Baffle
- Satin Black Painted Finish
Design Notes:
The Cadenza was designed for a client.  It's design goal was simple; reference level bookshelf with minimal cost.  The cost was kept down by keeping the x-over as simple as possible.  Achieving this was accomplished by choosing drivers which fit well together and didn't require impedance corrections and minimal l-pad circuits.  But on the flip side quality was not sacrificed.  The x-over uses components such as Clarity Caps, Jantzen Coils, Mundorf Resistors, etc. 

Additional Notes:
     Results are fantastic!  Very clear and open sound stage without any major coloration.  Crystal clean highs, open inviting mids, clear full low end.  Response graph to follow shortly.

Items/Services For Sale:
- Cadenza Speaker Pair $1350 w/o stands; $1460 w/ stands (6-8 week lead time; does not include shipping cost)
- Complete design package w/ CAD Drawings, BOM, X-over Schematics - $50
- Crossovers $335/pair (2-3 week lead time; includes shipping)
Cadenza CAD Rendering
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