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Adam McCall -
Design Notes:
The Ion is a simple design that utilized the four HM170CO's I got off eBay.  I choose the x-over point to utilize the Audax driver's warmth quality as much as possible through the entire midrange.  The TB Titanium tweeter was chosen for it's high sensitivity, simplicity of usage and the crisp clarity that titanium gives.  I'm rolling to dice a bit on this one, but all is easily changed down the road.  The one possible concern which may need addressing later with a notch filter is the 4db spike around 500-800Hz.
     In conclusion, I love these!  The met and exceeded my expectations.  They play very warm and clear.  They have a very full and open midrange all the way down.  And the high are very clear, articulate and direct.  They have a great presence down in my office; curious to see how they do in the living room.   I didn't find the midrange spike to be of any real concern; it certainly isn't annoying or painful to listen to. And many thanks to Audax for bringing back the HM170CO.


Additional Notes:
      This has been submitted to for DIY!   Stay tuned!

Items/Services For Sale:
- Ion Speaker Pair $1200 (6-8 week lead time; does not include freight & crating)
- Complete CAD Drawings - $35
- Crossovers  $275/pair (2-3 week lead time; includes shipping)
- 1x Tang Band 25-1372SC 1" Titanium Tweeter
- 2x Audax HM170CO 6" Carbon Fiber Woofers
- 3rd Order X-over at 4000Hz
          w/ Impedance Correction
- 4ohm Nominal Impedance
- 128 Watts RMS
- Freq Response 60Hz-20kHz
- 37.5" x 8" x 11.5"
- 60lbs each est
- Solid MDF and Oak Construction
- 1.5" Wall Thickness w/ Oak Side Panels
- Textured Graphite Finish
Ion - 2way Mini Tower
Ion CAD Rendering
Photo Gallery
Ion Measure Response - 11' x 12' Room - On Axis