David J's  Project:
David needed a center channel to round out his home theater he just set up.

The two key points for the design was an 8ohm impedance and budget friendly.

I came up with design using two Silver Flute W14RC25-4 5-1/2" Woofers and a Tang Band 28-537SH 1-1/8" Tweeter.  With a bit of x-over magic I managed to achieve the 8ohm impedance goal and stay in budget.  The end result was a ported enclosure about 0.6 cu ft.

The project is complete.  The silver flutes play surprisingly low and sound very warm and the TB tweeter sounds clear and relaxed. Full and warm vocal reproduction.  There ended up being an odd dip at the x-over point which didn't appear in the model.  If done again the x-over will be adjusted to give more overlap and the tweeter will be padded a bit less.  Luckily the dip in response tends to decrease as the speaker is listened too a bit off axis; which works for this application.  All in all positive results; just a minor unexpected oddity.
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3D CAD Rendering
Modeled Response
Measured Response - 10degrees off axis at 6ft
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