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Adam McCall -
Nate's Project:
Nate came to me quite a few years ago and wanted to put a sub into his newly acquired Tundra.  But he didn't have anything simple in mind.  He wanted to take a JL 10W7 and install it into his truck without compromising any cabin room.  Our only solution was to pull the stock center concil and put it there.
Our project begin by gutting the interior of the truck and laying down plenty of dynamat.  A fiber glass mold was them made of the floor where the sub was to be installed.  A skeleton was then built upon the base to layup the fiberglass over.  This became known as the "Mail Box." Before this I took a steel plate and welded nuts to it and fiberglassed it into the base so we could later mount the sub into the truck securily.  Many layers of fiberglass and coremat later, and some Bondo Glass plus a good bit of sanding we had our box.
We filled the inside of the box with a whole heck of a lot of caulking to insure a perfect seal.  Then covered the box with automotive carpeting and mounted it.  There was much rejoicing!
The official cornerstone for this project occured a couple years later when it was decided to take this to the next level.  Nate wanted to make the sub a seamless component of the trucks interior.  He had done the research on interior dyes and acquired an OEM center consule.  The mission now was to take the sub, remove the carpet, texture it and dye it to match the interior.  Not only this but mold it into the OEM center consule making it truly a seamless component.  Unfortuanly the photos of this process had been lost expect for the ones below.
The results were fantastic.  The truck still to this day remains a conversation piece and a joy to drive or ride in.  The stereo is absolutely wonderful.  The system is rounded out with two PPI amps (original PPI), MB Quart components and an Alpine head unit.