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Adam McCall -
Llewellyn's Project:
Llewellyn, a student from Australia, came to me in December of 08' with a school project she had.  It started with a simple 3-way tower design with a small sub, but due to cost it was trimmed down to what is below.  The drivers of choice were 1x Peerless 811582 1 Tweeter; 1x Peerless 830887 5 Midwoofer; 2x Peerless 830880 5 Passive Radiator and 1x HiVi D8G 8" Woofer for the sub. 

My role was to help her design a crossover and provide information on box volume, tuning frequency and port size.  The original x-over design was set up with a band-pass filter on the midwoofer to protect it from large excursions.  However, cost again forced us to eliminate that.  In the end a simple 2-way 2nd/3rd Order x-over at 2800Hz was designed.  And this being for a school project I generated a very detailed report on the x-over design process to aid her along with the project.

Final tweaks are still in progress.  No photos just yet.