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Adam McCall -
Gary C:
Gary contacted me and was needing crossovers for the 1.618 and 1.618c.  And it was done!

The 1.618 project is completed and Gary reports excellent results, though he has substituted the Q1R tweeter in place of the SD1.1A.  The SD1.1A stuck out a bit too much and was harsher than he prefered.  The Q1R he reports does excellent and plays significantly smoother and cleaner than the SD1.1A.  I'd recommened at this point with the SD1.1A being now discontinued to use the Q1R as a substitute.

Many thanks to Gary for his feedback.  I am still awaiting photos to post.
1.618 X-overs                                                                                                1.618c X-over
Testing 1.618 x-over                                                                                   Completed 1.618 x-over
Gary contacted me again shortly after completing his 1.618's and was wanting to use leftover SD1.1As and an F6 for a surround.  I designed and built him crossovers.  I'm awaiting final feedback.
Completed Custom X-over
Testing Custom X-over